Understanding Types of USB Connectors for Smart Phones and Devices

Posted by Haseb Kirmani on

This might be very confusing for a lot of people out there. As Technology advances and changes each day, we learn that a lot of the things we know and understand are now either obsolete or changed for the better. 

Especially our handy gadgets that we use everyday

Lets take a look at our iPhones first, the older ones (iPhone 4 - iPhone 12) use a Lightning Cable to charge and transfer data, these ones only fit iPhone and iPad devices and don't work on any other device

Samsung, Huawei, OnePlus ,Xiaomi however use a new technology called the C - Type Charger Cable . This type is much more slim and are called Type-C 1.0 reversible connectors (Male 24 Pin) . This allows faster charging and it saves time. Also the use of new PD Chargers USB Power Delivery (USB PD)  and Cables has made it possible to charge at 5A at 100W.

The other type of charging connectors are the good old Micro-USB ones, these are still used widely . A micro USB cable has many other uses as well, such as it charges Android Phones, Cameras, Tablets, MP3 Players and various Powerbanks as well.

So, before purchasing any new gadgets or phones please make sure you have the appropriate charging cables and wall chargers, as they effect the performance and charging times of your devices a lot. 





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