UK Mains Wall Plug Power Charger and USB Cable SUC-C3 for Samsung Cameras

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USB Lead Cable+UK Mains Wall Plug Power Charger Samsung Digital Cameras

The 3 Pin UK Wall Charger Plug is :
  1. 3 Pin CE/RoHS certified plug
  2. Output voltage : 5V
  3. Output current : 1500mAh
SUC-C3 , SUC-C5 , SUC-C7 COMPATIBILITY is with these Samsung Camera Models:
Samsung ES55
Samsung ES60
Samsung ES63
Samsung ES65
Samsung ES67
Samsung ES70
Samsung ES71
Samsung ES73
Samsung ES74
Samsung ES75
Samsung ES78
Samsung i100
Samsung i8
Samsung i80
Samsung L100
Samsung L110
Samsung L200
Samsung L201
Samsung L210
Samsung L310w
Samsung M100
Samsung PL10
Samsung PL100
Samsung PL101
Samsung PL120
Samsung PL121
Samsung PL150
Samsung PL151
Samsung PL170
Samsung PL171
Samsung PL20
Samsung PL200
Samsung PL201
Samsung PL21
Samsung PL210
Samsung PL211
Samsung PL50
Samsung PL51
Samsung PL55
Samsung PL57
Samsung PL60
Samsung PL65
Samsung PL80
Samsung PL81
Samsung SH100
Samsung SL102
Samsung SL201
Samsung SL202
Samsung SL310W
Samsung SL420
Samsung SL50
Samsung SL502
Samsung SL600
Samsung SL605
Samsung SL620
Samsung SL630
Samsung ST30
Samsung ST45
Samsung ST50
Samsung ST500
Samsung ST5000
Samsung ST510
Samsung ST5500
Samsung ST60
Samsung ST600
Samsung ST61
Samsung ST65
Samsung ST67
Samsung ST70
Samsung ST700
Samsung ST71
Samsung ST80
Samsung ST90
Samsung ST91
Samsung ST95
Samsung WB2000
Samsung WB210
Samsung WB500
Samsung WB5000
Samsung WB550
Samsung WB5500
Samsung WB560
Samsung WB600
Samsung WB610
Samsung WB650
Samsung WB660
Samsung WB690
Samsung WB700
Samsung WB710