USB For Olympus CB-USB5, CB-USB6, CB-USB8 Cameras Data Charger Cable 12 Pin USB Cable

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USB For Olympus CB-USB5, CB-USB6, CB-USB8 Camera Data Charger Cable 12 Pin USB Cable

Connector 1: 12 Pin USB connector
Connector 2: USB A adapter
Length: 1.5m

Olympus CB-USB5 - Olympus CB-USB6 - Olympus CB-USB8

The 12 Pin Olympus Cable Fits the following Camera Models:

Olympus E-330
Olympus E-400
Olympus E-410
Olympus E-420
Olympus E-450
Olympus E-500
Olympus E-510
Olympus E-520
Olympus E-620
Olympus FE-120
Olympus FE-130
Olympus FE-140
Olympus FE-200
Olympus FE-4020
Olympus FE-4030
Olympus FE-4040
Olympus FE-4050
Olympus FE-5050
Olympus Pen E-P1
Olympus Pen E-P2
Olympus Pen E-P3
Olympus Pen E-P5
Olympus Pen E-PL1
Olympus Pen E-PL2
Olympus Pen E-PL3
Olympus Pen E-PL5
Olympus Pen E-PL6
Olympus Pen E-PL7
Olympus Pen E-PL8
Olympus Pen E-PM1
Olympus Pen E-PM2
Olympus PEN‑F
Olympus SH-21
Olympus SH-25MR
Olympus SP-310
Olympus SP-320
Olympus SP-350
Olympus SP-500UZ
Olympus SP-510UZ
Olympus SP-550UZ
Olympus SP-560UZ
Olympus SP-565UZ
Olympus SP-570UZ
Olympus SP-590UZ
Olympus SP-610UZ
Olympus SP-620UZ
Olympus SP-700
Olympus SP-720UZ
Olympus SP-800UZ
Olympus SP-810UZ
Olympus SP-815UZ
Olympus SP-820UZ
Olympus Stylus 1
Olympus Stylus 1s
Olympus Stylus SH-1
Olympus Stylus SH-2
Olympus Stylus SH-50
Olympus Stylus SH-60
Olympus Stylus SP-100EE
Olympus Stylus TOUGH TG-2
Olympus Stylus TOUGH TG-3
Olympus Stylus TOUGH TG-4
Olympus Stylus TOUGH TG-835
Olympus Stylus TOUGH TG-850
Olympus Stylus TOUGH TG-860
Olympus Stylus Traveler SH-2
Olympus Stylus XZ-10
Olympus Stylus XZ-2
Olympus SZ-10
Olympus SZ-11
Olympus SZ-14
Olympus SZ-16
Olympus SZ-20
Olympus SZ-30MR
Olympus SZ-31MR
Olympus TOUGH TG-1
Olympus TOUGH TG-310
Olympus TOUGH TG-320
Olympus TOUGH TG-610
Olympus TOUGH TG-620
Olympus TOUGH TG-625
Olympus TOUGH TG-630
Olympus TOUGH TG-805
Olympus TOUGH TG-810
Olympus TOUGH TG-820
Olympus TOUGH TG-830
Olympus Tough TG-870
Olympus Tough TG-Tracker
Olympus XZ-1
Olympus X-700
Olympus X-720
Olympus X-725
Olympus X-740
Olympus X-940
Olympus X-960
Olympus µ 1000
Olympus µ 1010
Olympus µ 1020
Olympus µ 1030 SW
Olympus µ 1040
Olympus µ 1050 SW
Olympus µ 1060
Olympus µ 1070
Olympus µ 1200
Olympus µ 500
Olympus µ 5010
Olympus µ 550WP
Olympus µ 600
Olympus µ 700
Olympus µ 7000
Olympus µ 7020
Olympus µ 7030
Olympus µ 7040
Olympus µ 710
Olympus µ 720 SW
Olympus µ 725 SW
Olympus µ 730
Olympus µ 740
Olympus µ 750
Olympus µ 760
Olympus µ 770 SW
Olympus µ 780
Olympus µ 790 SW
Olympus µ 800
Olympus µ 810
Olympus µ 820
Olympus µ 830
Olympus µ 840
Olympus µ 850 SW
Olympus µ 9000
Olympus µ 9010
Olympus µ TOUGH-3000
Olympus µ TOUGH-3005
Olympus µ TOUGH-6000
Olympus µ TOUGH-6010
Olympus µ TOUGH-6020
Olympus µ TOUGH-8000
Olympus µ TOUGH-8010